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You are now able to hear songs from the Last Call Club album at .



Team MiG Monthly News Letter


By Gisèle Williams


Without having been involved with Rockstar:INXS, I wondered if Sean Cotton was feeling a bit ‘left out’. I need not have been concerned. “To actually come together collectively and put on a show like this,” Sean told me from the porch at 100 George’s Dining and Entertainment Lounge in North Bay, “was a lot of fun ‘cuz everybody’s potentials were able to be fulfilled.” He went on. “I do what I do and I hope that it resonates with the people. We’re just making music and hopefully people will respond to it...and that’s happened this weekend for us, which is great! It’s been an interesting experiment to open for artists that are really established in the have them respond the way they have, it’s been such a surprise and everyone’s been so gracious. It’s been really cool the way it’s all totally worked out.”



The Bulletin



by Samantha Ross


It's a Sunday night at the Guvernment and a packed house is anxiously waiting for four contestants from the hit TV show Rockstar INXS to take the stage.  Although it is billed as a reunion party for Toronto's own Suzie McNeil, Australian Mig Ayesa, American Ty Taylor and hometown Toronto singer Tara Sloane, it's a less-known local performer who steals the spotlight.


Opening up for the popular quartet and providing house band services, is Sean Cotton.


Cotton, who did not appear on Rockstar INXS, casts a less imposing presence than the four headliners, but his performance is by no means a less impressive one.  He offers the crowd what he describes as "jam rock music with a songwriter's sentsibility"---his incredible guitar riffs and impressive vocals are spot on and pretty soon the crowd is under his spell.


Although Cotton has already put 15 years into his music, the creation of his new independent live CD "The Last Call Club" was a major turning point for him as an artist.  The CD was recorded live at Cotton's "home away from home"---Roc'n Doc's in Mississauga---where he has been performing every Thursday night for over three years.


"The CD changed my life.  It's the way I want to make music.  The experience we had and the quality proved to me you really don't need the big studio to record live music.  I love the energy we captured.  What you are hearing is real music.  There's a human element.  It's not something you can replace in a studio," Cotton shares.


A big part of Cotton's inspiration seems to be his good friend and long-time collaborator McNeil, who co-wrote "Your Love Haunts Me To The Bone" and performs on "I don't Mind the Rain" on the new disc.  Cotton also co-wrote the song "Where Were You?" on McNeil's next release.


With song titles like that, listeners might wonder if art imitates life: Cotton and McNeil used to be a couple and even after a break-up they still seem thicker than thieves.


"We have known each other for over 12 years.  We were friends before we were together.  It's almost like family.  You take something out of the equation...the other stuff still remains."


What remains is one solid live CD that is sure to please rock fans and Rockstars alike.


Cotton will perform live at his official CD release party on July 7 at Healey's, 178 Bathurst St. For more information on Cotton and the CD visit


Mississauga News
by Mike Beggs
Singer and lead guitarist Sean Cotton brings a trio to his weekly Thursday gig at Roc 'n Docs.  But this isn't your standard night of rock & blues.
"No, it's really all over the place.  It ends up being sort of a 1970's arena rock kind of feel....without the light show," said Cotton.  "Basically, we started last March and we decided to push the envelope a bit as far as bar bands go, and we try to play our instruments well."
The hard-working Cotton strikes a classic 1970's guitar hero pose as he delves into his searing solos.  But, he surprised us last week by getting folks up dancing to The Band's Cripple Creek.  Then, he surprised us again with his soulful intensity on Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On.  That was followed by a note-perfect reading of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Cold Shot
The set list also includes some Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Bill Withers, and nothing more current than George Michael.
Show time is 10 p.m. at Roc 'n Doc's, 105 Lakeshore Road East. 



TO-Nite issue #251


By Gary17

Guitarist and songwriter Sean Cotton was until recently regarded by most in Peel as the background six-stringer for scintillating singer Suzie NcNeil in her Suzie McNeil Band and their Jackrabbit project.

But with Suzie now on the road with an ABBA tribute act, Cotton, always a formidable talent in their bands, is in the forefront as leader of his own dynamic 4-piece, Sean Cotton Explosion, now appearing every Thursday at Roc'n Doc's in Port Credit. (Juno-winning Country singer Terri Clark, who loves this club, stopped in last Thurs. and complimented the band on its tight sound and energy.)

Cotton's no stranger to the limelight. His 90s duo The Undesirables, with Corin Raymond, was called "the best new songwriters on the TO scene" by CHART Magazine in '95. In the early 90s he fronted a trio, Shadows Of Laughter, which recorded an album. Now Cotton is back where he clearly belongs - as a star attraction in his own right.

by Diane Wells
Highly-praised Toronto Funk/Blues vocalist and harp player Suzie McNeil (and erstwhile Keyboardist) seems set to cross over into a middle-of-the-road Pop sound with her new band Jackrabbit.  The project actually works for her, no doubt due to her sparkly-clean image (which, like Tina Turner, becomes unleashed into something a bit more feral onstage) and ultra-cool back-up players (Sean Cotton - lead guitar (ex-The Undesirables), Dave Leitao - Keyboards, vocals (ex-Pocket Dwellers), Lisa Duncan - vocals, Roger Williams - bass (ex- Ivana Santilli) and Rich Brown - drums (ex-Big Sugar).
Suzie and Sean (a rapidly-rising and respected songwriter-guitarist in the GTA) have released a three-song demo CD which ought to be seeing rotation on the aptly labeled Mix 99.9, which caters to anybody and everybody, and the numerous other stations, both AM and FM, which are geared towards the younger set.  That certainly doesn't mean that the sound is monotonous, as is so much of today's music, but it is certainly a "lighter" vocal approach from Suzie's more Blues-oriented musical background with Jerome Godboo.
Once you accept the difference, it's easy to get into the mix of genuine Rhythm and Blues (in the tradition of The Temptations and Chaka Khan) and modern sensibility via Suzie's street-smart vocal styling and Sean's funky instrumental and synthesized wizardry.
Although the three tracks, penned by Sean Cotton, all have immense marketability, I figure the "super-hit" is going to be "Somethin' Sweet", especially since it would appeal to the consumeritis-inflicted teenage generation who tend to think that love can be bought/rewarded with commercial swag.  The CD was produced by Greg Fisher and Derek Treffry (a.k.a. "Fish-Fry" -- ), two former Jazz musicians who have composed a 22-minute music video called "speed's choice", produced by Street Kids International, and the 60-minute score for "John Nash: A Beautiful Genius", a documentary on John Nash, a mathematician who was featured in the film "A Beautiful Mind".
At a recent live performance at Healey's the Jackrabbit duo was joined by the above-mentioned backing members, and another couple of musicians - Nick Pattison and Terry Warren - who performed a very appealing version of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On".  The band played Sean Cotton's originals as well as various cover renditions from Tina Turner, T-Bone Walker, Stevie Wonder (with Lisa Duncan on lead vocals on "Superstitious"), my favourites being "Who Is He and What Is He to You" (Bill Withers), with Sean Cotton impressing the crowd with his lead vocals and funkadelic guitar work, and "Freedom" (George Michael), a collaborative onstage vocal effort, with Chris Perra stepping in on drums.
The Jackrabbit outfit will be continuing their live tour at C'est What (19 Church Street, Toronto on October 24)