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My name is Neil Cotton. I live in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. Welcome to the webpage of

" Neil Cotton and Hawk's Nest "

Thanks for dropping in. Last update was October 23, 2002.

Music will lift your spirit and free your mind.
I would like to thank Wendy, my wife of 34 years, for her encouragement and continued support.

Performing live is "in my blood". I have been doing it for more than 20 years. I will do it as long as I am able.

To quote a Waylon Jennings song...

"if I can't go down rockin' I ain't gonna go down at all"
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For the past several years I have been in a Country-Rock Band that plays in the Greater Toronto Area. It is called "Hawk's Nest".

Band members are: (left to right)
*Gary Creary (lead guitar and vocals)
*Neil Cotton (guitar,harmonica,Lap Steel and vocals)
*Paul Gardiner (bass guitar and vocals)
*Robert Porter (Drums)

We cover artists like W.Jennings, M.Haggard, J.Rivers, Alabama, D.Yoakum, J.Cash, J.Diffie, E.Clapton, R.Hawkins, G.Strait, A.Jackson

N. G. Dirt Band, The Beatles, The Band, N.Young, K.Headhunters, J.M.Montgomery, Brooks & Dunn, J.Buffett, B.R.Cyrus, C.C.R., Eagles,etc. Even Elvis might be in the building.

An all originals CD is in the works for 2002.

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Please feel free to sign-in, ask questions, make comments, request bookings.



Join the fun by attending Neil's upcoming shows:

October 4 on Morning Live(between 7:30 8am) at CH Television Hamilton as guest of Cathy Wegner celebrating RONNIE HAWKINS DAY singing Mayor of Old Yonge Street.

Other unconfirmed dates to be posted

The Sept. 8 (1-4pm)at Healey's was a Terry Fox Cancer benefit organized by Christina Doyle with various styles of live music being provided. It was very successful and profitable.



The band is named after the old Ronnie Hawkins bar from Yonge Street in Toronto Ontario.
Gary and I were lucky enough to open for the Hawk in the late 80's. We even had a drink with him,

One of the songs I've written for our new CD is about Ronnie Hawkins. It's called "The Mayor Of Old Yonge Street"

Note: You can see "Le Coq D'Or" sign in the Bo Diddley picture below and the "Hawk's Nest" sign in the upper right. Two bars in the same building makes for a good time.


Planned release is late late it will be early 2003

Song list: (so far ***)

1)The Mayor of Old Yonge Street

Musicians: Neil (vocals and guitar), Sean Cotton (lead guitar & vocals), John Cox (bass), Steve Klodt (piano), Dickson Zee (drums), Matt Wolfe(background vocals)

Click on the verse to see the story on the song in Microsoft Word

This is the first verse.

From Arkansas in '58,
Found his fame in "40 Days".
Brought Rock'n'Roll to old T.O.
He shook downtown with his mojo.
Le Coq'D'Or was his favourite beat.
Made him the mayor of old Yonge St.

MP3 Sample

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Please feel free to sign-in, order the single $6 CDN or $4 US. This includes S&H to anywhere in North America. Comments are welcome.

>>>>To those of you who bought the CD... thanks and enjoy the song.

2) Migratory Snowbirds (about escaping winter)

MP3 Sample (rough mix)

First verse follows

Looking forward to this holiday,
Gonna leave real-time behind.
To work by 8, deadlines
Have occupied my mind.
Gonna spend some time in Florida,
Boogie and scuba dive,
Watch those surfin' cowboys ride.
Hey ride cowboy ride!


3) King Of the Swamp (about a meeting with an alligator)

While canoeing through the swamp of the Everglades
I saw an alligator cruising for prey.
The turtles were paddlin', head in for cover.
The ducks were squawkin' warning each other.

4) Sharing My Thoughts (advise for a grandchild)
This is the Chorus

I'm sitting here Jesse staring at your face
In a picture at Nanny's and Grampa's place.
I'm wondering what will happen in the years to come.
I've seen a lot I will share with you grandson.


5) Drink Cannot Heal
(First 2 Verse)

Friday nights at the bars start nearly the same
The patrons are quiet, the only sounds a pool-game
The band takes the stage introducing itself
The drinkers stare back from their stools, from their shelves

The whiskey starts pouring , the beer bottles click
The faces get hazy as the smoke grows fog thick
The room turns noisy as the crowd's herded in
Its atmosphere changes, their patience grows thin.


6) Geriatric Gypsy

He's a geriatric gypsy, loves to sing and play
Travels in a rusted van, don't need a place to stay
Getting heard on the radio ain't the only way to fame
This geriatric gypsy got famous his own way


7) Give Half The Song To Me

Hey cowboy singer, give half the song to me
It's my life you're singin' 'bout, I want some royalties
Hey cowboy singer, give half the song to me.

*** more to come. STAY TUNED for lyrics.


I took the Muppet test and this is the result...pretty close!

You are Kermit!
Though you're technically the star, you're pretty mellow and don't mind letting others share the spotlight. You are also something of a dreamer.

Music is part of my family history as it is with many. One of my grandfathers was a fiddle player in Prince Edward Island.
Both grandparent families had organs in their homes. My children , Sean and Kelly, and my wife Wendy each have played instruments over the years. Even my 2 year old grandson Jesse is banging out a rhythm on the drums.

I took my first guitar lesson (Hawiian guitar aka Lap Steel) when I was 8 years old and the rest is history.
I've been in 3 different Bands: The Racqueteers, Rebel Hill, and now Hawk's Nest with 11 different musicians over the years.

Here is a clip (1.5 min.) from several years ago when I was with "The Racqueteers"; Sean Cotton, Andy Jones, Larry Pacholok and myself. I am lead vocals, Sean on lead guitar and vocals, Andy on drums and vocals, and Larry on Bass. This is a Cotton & Cotton original.

MP3 Audio of "Little Runaway"

My son Sean is a singer/songwriter with many years of professional experience. For info on him, tapes, CD, show dates and news, go to Sean's Songs




*** I dedicate the following site to Wendy.
Live 365 Outlaw Country Radio

The Hawk and MY wife

R.I.P. Hoss.........AMC & Hank Jr. Tribute Waylon
For more Waylon go to Waylon Fan Page

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