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          Growing up in Georgetown Ontario in the 70’s and 80's, with no local music scene to draw from, Sean Cotton found mentors in the artists that he heard on his parent’s records.  Keith Richards, Willie Nelson, Joe Walsh and Sly Stone filled his room with their musical colours and lyrical imagery.  Sean wrote his first song at age 12, after learning the chords and opening riff to (I can't get no)Satisfaction from his father.  This began his mission to find that musical place where his heroes roamed.

The journey eventually led him to collaborations with two of Toronto’s rising stars.  Poetic songwriter, Corin Raymond and singer, Suzie McNeil (ROCKSTAR:INXS finalist) have both co-written, performed and recorded with Sean on successful original projects.  McNeil and Raymond have written songs with Cotton that appear on his debut live album "THE LAST CALL CLUB".

In 1995 Sean Cotton started defining himself musically in a series of house gigs and one nighters in which he refused to conform to the norms of the bar scene.  Long jams, original songs and 4 hour performances that catered to his mood and energy, were some of the musical chances that Sean would take.  He found that solo performances offered a sense of creative freedom that catering to a collaboration, quite often doesn't allow.   

Now 35 years old and 15 years a professional musician, Cotton has had the opportunity to play alongside some of Canada’s best musicians.  Now, a heavily established songwriter and musician in Southern Ontario, Sean has experienced that synchronized combination of musicians that classic bands are made from.

In 2002 Sean Cotton found himself in the privileged place of taking up a Thursday night residency at Roc’n’Docs, a live music venue in Port Credit Ontario.  Sean hand picked his band out of some of the most well respected sidemen in the GTA with the mandate, "to play rock music the way it had been played by his heroes".  The band consists of keyboardist/vocalist Steve Klodt (previously with Jeff Healey, Amanda Marshall, Honeymoon Suite, Platinum Blonde, Paul Reddick, The Undesirables and Suzie McNeil); on bass guitar/backing vocals, Steve Skingley (currently with Rik Emmett and previously with Alana Myles, Honeymoon Suite and Suzie McNeil), with Mike Churchill (currently with Rik Emmett and previously with David Wilcox, The Undesirables and Suzie McNeil) on drums.    

Performing original compositions reflective of like minded artists such as Paul Weller, The Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule and Ben Harper, Sean leads the band through exploratory journeys of the material, often extending songs for up to 20 minutes.  Audiences have been loving the experience every Thursday night for the past four years.  Facetiously, Cotton describes the music as “a 70’s arena rock performance without the light show”.     

The band is currently promoting Sean Cotton’s debut release, a live album recorded over two nights in May of 2005.  The 65 minute CD entitled SEAN COTTON and the THURSDAY NIGHT BAND "THE LAST CALL CLUB” has just been completed and is comprised entirely of original songs capturing Sean’s unique music and vision. 



Sean Cotton & Corin Raymond THE UNDESIRABLES

          It was the Fall of 1991, in their hometown of Georgetown Ontario, that drinking buddies Sean Cotton and then writer/juggler Corin Raymond would pen their first co-write, "California wine" over a bottle of Gallos Brothers red.  The classic combination of composer/lyricist would bond the two creatively for the next 15 years.  Taking on the name The Undesirables, Sean and Corin performed their unique combination of poetic lyrics and roots music for years in pubs and cafes, wherever they could hustle the stage/floor space. 
          Since 2004 the duo have been opening for artists as diverse as The Rheaostatics, Jesse Winchester, Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart and Prairie Oyster as well as headlining concert series and appearing on Festival mainstages in Canada and the United States promoting their Debut CD "SUMMER'S GONE".  In 2006 The Undesirables won the Toronto Blues Society's "Blue Search" competition.
          In Toronto, the Fall of 1999 Sean Cotton started performing and recording his own songs with, now L.A. based vocalist Suzie McNeil  The two experimented for the next six years, trying to find that style of music that would best reflect Suzie's voice and stage personality.  Varying degrees of Rock, R&B and Reggae were combined to best bring out the sexy playfullness that Suzie became known for.  
          Named Jackrabbit, after a song penned by Sean, the two formed a band that landed a recidency at Healey's in Toronto and opened for artist's like the American band King's X and Canadian cult legends The Phantoms.  Currently, Jackrabbit's music is unavailable, however, three of their songs: "Somethin' Sweet" (Cotton); "(Your Love)Haunts Me to the Bone" (Cotton/McNeil); and "Sleepin' Like a Vampire" (Cotton), can be heard on Sean's live CD "THE LAST CALL CLUB".

Sean Cotton & Suzie McNeil JACKRABBIT

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           Sean Cotton has had the opportunity to play alongside some of Canada’s best musicians including Jeff Healey, Greg Godovitz (Goddo), Richard Bell (Janis Joplin/Full Tilt Boogie), Jack DeKeyzer, John Rogers (Brighton Rock), Chuck Jackson (Downchild Blues Band), Winnepeg's The D.Rangers and Romi Mayes as well as Americans, Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart, and singer Phil Narro (Talas). He has been a regular sideman with artists such as Robbie Lane and the Disciples, ex-Phantom Jerome Godboo, ROCKSTAR:INXS finalist Suzie McNeil; Toronto singer/songwiters: Gregg Lawless, Corin Raymond, Treasa Levasseur, Claire Jenkins, Michael O'Grady and Nancy Dutra, as well as American musician and filmaker Matt Flugger. In addition to backing up Vancouver rapper Ridley Bent Sean has played with Toronto based singer/songwriters that include, Evelyn Perry and Marshall Dane
          As a sideman to these extremmely talented songwriters, Sean has been able to experiment and perform as a multi-instrumentalist adding mandolin, harmonica, bass guitar, piano, djmbe and lap steel to his arsenal.

Jeff Healey & Sean Cotton

Suzie McNeil & Sean Cotton
Sean Cotton & Greeg Lawless w/ Rose (concert promoter)

Treasa Levasseur, Joe Philips, Corin Raymond & Sean Cotton THE SUNDOWNERS

Treasa Levasseur w/ Jude Haines & Sean Cotton

          A "frost bitten Canadian boy", Sean Cotton has been fronting bands since his first act in his hometown of Georgetown Ontario.  In the winter of 1981 Sean started a "drum and dobro" duo where he and a buddy covered CCR, Waylon Jennings and Don Williams songs. 
          Throughout Jr. High and High School several bands allowed him to experiment with different styles of Rock, R&B, Reggae (alongside Panache vocalist/drummer Adam Broughton and Fish-Fry composers Greg Fisher and Derek Treffry and Country music (Neil Cotton & Hawk's Nest  Each new environment allowed Cotton to dabble in the songwriting and arranging of the genre. 
          Deciding to make his own tracks in the snow,  Sean opted out of the University experience in the Fall of 1990 and took his first stab at the world of Indie Rock, hitting the Toronto music scene with his Alt-rock band SHADOWS OF LAUGHTER (music currently unavailable).

SHADOWS OF LAUGHTER Sean Cotton, Rob Turnbull & Andy Jones