Lyrics for Neil's original songs will periodically appear here...Enjoy!



He's a  geriatric gypsy  loves to sing and  play, travels in his rusted van dont need a place to stay

Getting heard on the radio aint the only way to fame, This Geriatric Gypsy got  famous his own  way. 


Born in the back seat of a Ford in  35   Left at an orphanage barely alive.

He hung in till he turned thirteen then headed down the road. Washing dishes in cafes learned  guitar on his own


A young man with charisma unruly as a storm  Ladies loved his outlaw looks, his passion to perform

Party hard gone by dawn, he would not commit   To any place or anyone, his guitar is his kin.


 CHORUS + Instrumental

Interest grew and very soon he was known in every town Talent scouts tried to tame this maverick they had found.

When told to trade black leather for white hats and  Calvin Kleins 

He blasted off in his old van, left men in suits behind.


This is still he lifestyle ...he's rambled fifty years Running like a young horse into new frontiers 

Getting heard on the radio ai'nt the only way to fame     This geriatric gypsy got famous his own way



 Feel the train, that rocking train Feel it in your heart, feel it in your brain

Feel the train, that rocking train Feel it in your heart , feel it in your brai


All aboard this Janglin' jukebox special   Full of tunes for  you and  me

The engineer sounds his whistle   starts a song and  sets it free




The song it sings depends upon your feelings It comes to you from the heart

Maybe some Choo Choo ChBoogie Or Steel Rail Blues might start.




It's spirit is country it's rhythm is blues It's shake n rattle is Rock n roll for you 




DRINK CANNOT HEAL (Copyright 2001)
Friday nights at the bar start nearly the same, the patrons are quiet the only sounds a pool game
The drinkers try whisky to settle their souls, but the ache will remain beyond their control.
Shooters are raised the beer-bottles click, the faces get hazy as the smoke grows fog-thick
The room turns noisy as the crowd's herded in, its atmosphere changes, their patience grows thin.
A beer-bottle breaks the first sign of the beast, that is captive inside that will soon be released
As the night grows late the booze will reveal the pain of the soul that drink cannot heal.
A young couple's dancing exchanging smiles, they're having a good time if only for a while
Something inside Jack Daniels controls, she smacks his face then runs for the door.
One drunk gets handy with another guys girl, he's tapped on the shoulder a fist is unferled
There's something mistic about mid-night till dawn, subliminal creatures will now flex their brawn
MAYOR OF OLD YONGE STREET  (Copyright 1999)  
From Arkansas in 58, found his fame in 40 days
Brought rock& roll to old T.O., he shook downtown with his mojo.
Le Coq D'or was his favorite beat, made him the mayor of old Yonge Street.
Hey who do you love Odessa babe , Ronnie romped across the stage
Loved Ruby Baby and Miss Mary Lou, He moon-walked before that Armstrong dude. 
Le Coq D'or was his favorite beat, made him the mayor of old Yonge Street.
He played hard and partied hearty, can't keep up you're dismissed smartly
Stick with him hit the big time, be a rock & roll legend on down the line.
Le Coq D'or was his favorite beat, made him the mayor of old Yonge Street.
When they added to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame
They did not forget that Hawkins name.
In days gone by he built The Band for you, sang Bo Diddley a time or two.
Rompin' Ronnie the Hawk still soars, now just a little closer to the floor.
Le Coq D'or was his favorite beat made him the mayor of old Yonge Street.

MIGRATORY SNOWBIRDS (copyright 2002)

Looking forward to this holiday going to leave real time behind

To work by 8, deadlines have occupied my mind

Gonna  spend some time in Florida, boogie and scuba  dive

Watch those surfin cowboys ride Hey ride cowboy ride


Spend all day in the hot sunshine, when Im feelin fried

Catch some Zs neath the tall Palm trees then Ill be revived

Head out for the evening to Cap'n Hirams by the pier

Sippin Margarittas, dancin  to songs bout long-necked beer



I was raised in the land of ice and snow

Down heres where the migratory snowbirds go

Shed their feathers,  put their sunscreen on.

I was raised in the land of ice and snow

Down heres where the migratory snowbirds go

Ill take their lifestyle for my very own


East along the Treasure Coast thanks to the hurricanes

Spanish galleons leave their loot for those who find their graves

Dixie Divers or Divers Down will take me there to try

My luck at getting filthy rich on gold from days gone by.



KING OF THE SWAMP (copyright 2002)


While canoeing through the swamp of the everglades

I saw an alligator cruising for prey.

The turtles started paddlin, headin for cover

The ducks were squawking warning each other.


I stopped and stared to appease my mind

Saw  6 Blue Herons wading in line.

The gator lay still like a log in their path

The wind then shifted, lunch flew in a flash



The gator is the king of the swamp and the flats

Panthers scream the loudest theyre just kitty cats.

Gators were invincible ruling the roost

Till we needed purses and cowboy boots


The reptile groaned an unconcerned yawn

Sloshed his tail, up the bank he crawled.

Relaxing in the sun appearing to sleep

A careless chorus frog soon became his treat




I left the swamp and returned the next day.

On that very same bank a pile of feathers lay.

Gator didnt need all the swamp critters

Just one slow duck became his dinner.





I heard a splash and turned to see

That hungry alligator wantin me

Me and the turtles were paddlin for cover

Squawking like a duck I out ran that mother.





Give Half the Song To Me  (copyright 2003)


Hey cowboy singer

Give half the song to me



When youre singing bout the love you lost

Your words are killing me

Your songs imagination,

it's my reality

You say you lost your woman  to a real close friend

I lost my bride our wedding day she ran with my best-man



Hey cowboy singer

Give half the song to me  Its my life youre singing bout

I want some royal ties

Hey cowboy singer           

Give half the song to me


You say you try forgetting your cares

By drinking them away

My liver needs replacing

I dropped out of AA


You get paid to tell the world in song about my pain

I want some compensation  for driving me insane





You get lots of glory    Lots of chicks   for  free   ee     poooor  ..me